7-Lag Stevne
July 13-16, 2016
Austin Conference Center
Austin, Minnesota

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Many bygdelag (Norwegian community organizations) were organized during the First World War. It was important to Norwegian-Americans that their cultural identity remained intact and their strong ties to the areas where they had lived in Norway were maintained.   Although the United States didn't enter World War I until 1917, its citizens were stirred by the massive food effort spearheaded by Herbert Hoover, and a wave of patriotism swept the country.  At the 2016 stevne we will take a look back and learn about the strong forces that created a cultural dilemma for the proud Americans who still loved being Norwegian.


At the 7 Lag Stevne we will be holding a talent show on Thursday evening July 14th.  Do you have a talent to share?  This is open to all who attend the Stevne.  Simply send your name, Lag name and your talent to Peg Schellin at pnschellin3@wi.rr.com.  Please keep your performance to no more than 10 minutes so we have time for all that wish to participate.

The Seven Lag Stevne is a yearly gathering of descendants of Norwegian immigrants to the US and Canada from seven areas of Norway (from parts of Buskerud, Oppland, and Telemark counties). Each of these areas is represented by an organization or "lag" (pronounced l-ah-g) that works to maintain cultural ties to its ancestral community and provides support for genealogical research.

The Following Lags Participate in the 7-Lag Stevne

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Hadeland Lag

Landingslaget i Amerika  

Numedalslågen Lag

Ringerike-Drammen Districts Lag



Toten Lag

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Host for 2016: Ringerike-Drammen Districts Lag, Celebrating its 100th Anniversary in 2016

7-Lag Stevne
The stevne is sponsored by Norwegian Stevner, Inc. 
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