The Industry Heritage Site at Rjukan and Notodden
Anne Haugen Wagn.jpgAnne Haugen Wagn
Thursday, 4:45 pm

Anne will tell the story of the second industrial revolution, based on hydro power, which came to Telemark in the early 1900s. Rural and poor communities were changed dramatically by the industrial solution, manufacturing artificial fertilizer from nitrogen in the air.This very complicated procedure was developed over a two-year period. In 2015 Rjukan and Notodden were added to UNESCO’s World Heritage sites. The Telemark Fylkeskommune determined that all the children in the county should be learning about this very important story.

Anne Haugen Wagn was born close to Oslo, but has lived in Notodden in Telemark the last 40 years. She is a history teacher at the Notodden secondary school.  Anne has written several local history books, among them one about the emigration from Telemark to the United States. She has also written a book about Anne Bamle, a bunad-creator from Hedda, and another about Olea Crøger, a traditional folk song collector from Telemark.   In August 2016, Anne became the Project Manager for World Heritage Curriculum.