IMG_6042.jpgFlatbread Baking
Aase Therkelsen
Friday, 1 pm



Aase will be baking flatbread on a griddle.  She will share flatbread recipes, a little about the cultural history of flatbread making in Norway, instructions for rolling out, and a taste test. 

Aase Therkelsen was born in Hjartdal, Telemark. She was educated in domestic science from Statens lærerskole i husstell (Teacher’s College in Domestic Science). She has taught in Oslo, Stabekk, Notodden and Kongsberg. Aase is very fond of traditional food making, lefse, flatbread, and different seafood and meat dishes from the region. During summer seasons, Aase has taught flatbread baking at museums in Norway. She is married to Lars and they have two sons. During the summer and autumn, Aase loves walking in the mountains and picking berries, cloudberries being her favorite.