Norway's National Parks
Per Lykke, Rjukan, Norway
Saturday, 9 am

his class will explore Norway's national parks with a special focus on Hardangervidda and environmental issues.  It will include a film on Hardangervidda National Park.

Per Lykke, a lawyer and politician, was born in Oslo, the son of a diplomat and grandson of a war hero.  Per lived in Paris and London during his childhood and attended high school and college in Oslo.  He moved to Telemark in 1987 after graduating from law school. Completing the bar exams in 1989, he began his own independent law firm in 1990 in Rjukan.

 Per has held several political positions in the country and has served as chairman of the board and board member for several companies, as well as being a board member of the National Park Organization for all the parks in Norway. He has been a member of the Telemark congress since 2011 representing H°yre, the conservative party. Per is the COB and part-time manager director of Hardangervidda National Park Center in Skinnarbu (Norway's largest national park) and promoter and organizer of the new interactive nature and reindeer exhibit. He co-wrote the script to a documentary movie for one of the biggest war heroes in Norway, Jens Anton Poulsson.

 In 1995, Per bought a mountain farm in Tinn in Telemark. He enjoys outdoor activities including hiking, skiing, hunting and hunting dogs.  Per is married and has a stepson.


 Per will also be the keynote speaker at Friday evening's general session.