Archiving the Basement:
Practical Advice for Preserving Family Archives

Hayley Jackson
Thursday, 4:45 pm

The letters, photographs, diaries, and other papers left behind by earlier generations can be a powerful way to connect with one’s family heritage. This class presentation will demonstrate how to practically handle and store family records to ensure their long-term preservation, including papers, photographs, film, and scrapbooks.

Hayley Jackson is the Luther College archivist.  Her role is to acquire, arrange, describe, preserve, and make available the records of Luther College. Duties include accessioning and processing collections, conducting reference requests, overseeing the records management program, and working to ensure the long-term preservation of our collections.

Hayley will also speak at our Thursday evening General Session about the Luther College archives and rare book collection which will be open during the stevne. The Archives collects, organizes, preserves, promotes, and makes available records of enduring historical, legal, administrative, and fiscal value. The Luther College Archives strives to offer quality collections that are easily accessible and that offer a transparent snapshot of our history.