huset.jpgConjuring Up the Past - The Huset Doctors from Holla
Jeffrey Huset
Saturday, 10:15 am

The fatherís side of Jeff Husetís family is entirely Norwegian, hailing from Holla in Telemark and from Aurdal in the Valdres valley of Oppland. As he started digging into his Norwegian roots, he found more than birth, marriage and death records. He discovered stories and documents about a sometimes raucous family of folk healers who practiced medicine with the help of popular medical references - and a svartebok, a ďblack book" of magic, potions, and prayers.

Jeffrey Huset lives in Minneapolis and works for a software company as a technical writer. He has always been interested in family history and has actively pursued his genealogical interests for ten years or so. Jeff has occasionally acted with local theaters and in TV commercials. He holds a masterís degree in technical communication from Mercer University and a certificate in genealogical research from Boston University.