Elaine Haselton.pngA Comprehensive Overview of
Norwegian Genealogical Research in the 21st Century

Elaine Hasleton
Friday, 10:15 am

Norwegian genealogical research involves more than just checking bygdebøker and the digitized Norwegian Lutheran Church books, censuses, and probates etc. Today there are databases and local organizations and many other avenues to explore where you can find more details about your Norwegian ancestors!

Elaine Helgeson Hasleton is an Accredited Genealogist for the countries of Norway and Sweden. She currently works for FamilySearch as a Deputy Chief Genealogical Officer, in Salt Lake City. Currently she serves as President of the Bygdelagenes Fellesraad, an umbrella organization for twenty-eight chapters of Bygdelag. Elaine is a native of Alexandria, MN and is married to Jim Hasleton, also an Alexandria native, and they have three children and six grandchildren.