Taste of Norway
Darlene Fossum-Martin
Friday, 2:15 pm

"Food brings people together and there is no better way to learn about a culture than through their food", says Darlene Fossum-Martin, Vesterheim Norwegian-Amercan Museum's Education Specialist whose job is to  set up over 60 classes in traditional folk arts of Norway and the Nordic countries as well as teach traditional Norwegian baking and cooking. "The majority of students attending the food classes at Vesterheim have come to learn about the foods they grew up with.  They want to fill their homes with the aromas and flavors that make their holidays so special and pass these traditions and memories on to their children as well."    Join Darlene as she talks about some of the most popular foods, and their history, of our immigrant father's. You will  learn, through demonstration  how to prepare gravlax (cured salmon)  and everyone's favorite rømmegrøt. Samples and recipes will be available.

Darlene Fossum-Martin of Decorah, Iowa, is a third-generation Norwegian, who grew up on a small farm near Spring Grove, Minnesota, the first Norwegian settlement in the state.  She  is a woodcarver, weaver, and Norwegian food specialist. She has always had a passion for Norwegian folk arts and cultural foods and is especially interested in the way generations have expressed themselves through their craft and food. She is committed to keeping these   traditions alive.