1945: Victory for Some, Defeat for Others
How to End Up on the Losing Side of Norway
Alastair Brown
Friday, 1 pm

The traditional picture of Norway being united against the Germans is misleading, as the trials after the war showed.  Over 50,000 were punished.  Were they traitors or misguided patriots?  Finding a balance between punishment and reuniting society was a problem faced by all the former occupied countries in Europe.  Few tackled it better than Norway.

Alastair Brown grew up in Scotland. After university, he worked in England for two years before moving to Africa where he lived for 10 years working as a diver, in forestry and finally as a university lecturer.  He married a Norwegian and then studied in Australia before settling in Norway where he has lived for 30 years, currently in Dokka in Oppland.  For 20 of those years, he was leader of the open-air museum in Oppland county and is the curator of the Randsfjordmuseene today.  Alastair is grandfather of two, with his third grandchild expected three days after the stevne!